Marylin's Microdiscectomy Story

My trouble started about 2 ½ years ago when I was 65 years old. I had been active in church and civic organizations and hosted and attended many family functions. I also spent time on hobbies, which included quilting and crafting. When my back and leg began to hurt so severely I found myself forced to give up these activities gradually because I just could no longer participate. I especially hated missing family functions.

I had heard of Dr. Samuelson through friends and family members who had been patients of his and everyone highly recommended him because of his high success rate. They also thought very highly of him as a person. So I chose Dr. Samuelson based on his excellent reputation in the Siouxland community.

No person wants to undergo back surgery and I was pleasantly surprised to find that Dr. Samuelson, even though he makes his living doing surgery, opted to try some less invasive measures to help me with my pain first. We tried muscle relaxants, exercise, physical therapy, injections and epidural floods, which all helped initially, but eventually the pain would return.

Finally the pain I was experiencing in my leg and lower back became so intense that I was only able to walk a few steps with support, and even then it was excruciating. I saw myself at age 66 headed for a wheelchair for the rest of my life.

At this point Dr. Samuelson and my husband and I agreed that surgery was the best course of action. I chose St. Luke’s Medical Center and the surgery was performed on August 1, 2012. In terms that I understand I underwent fusion, decompression, and the removal of a cyst from a nerve. Thanks to the skills of this doctor and his staff everything went well, and with the help of the wonderful staff at St. Luke’ s I was up walking and preparing to go home within a week.

My therapy since returning home is walking as much as I am able and I am finding that I am recovering my strength.

This surgery has had a wonderful impact on my life. I can once again participate in all the activities I love, I no longer have to be left behind. I’ve finished 3 quilts I had ready to quilt but was unable to stand at the quilting machine. My husband and I recently spent some time in New Orleans and I was able to walk over a mile and keep up with our group. I have also attended several community events.

I have nothing but good things to say about Dr. Samuelson and his staff. I have been treated with great skill, kindness and compassion. I will forever be grateful to this exceptional surgeon for giving me back my life.

Sandra Volkert